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Vango Tigris 800 Tent

Sorry, but we are out of stock of this at the moment.
Please call us on 01772 907070 for further information

Vango Tigris 800 Tent

Sorry, but we are out of stock of this at the moment. Please call us on 01772 907070 for further information

Vango Tigris 800 tent iwith free delivery from Singers Outdoors is one of  Vango Outdoors family tents designed with first time campers and groups in mind. Vango range of family tents have eye catching designs and the 2011 tents now have 4000 mm Hydrostatic head waterproofing, sewn in groundsheets, flysheet first pitching, cable entry points, and mesh doors to allow the air to circulate. Vango Tigris 800 has the new Vango embossed flysheet to give an extra feel of quality to your camping. The Vango TSB (tension band system) unique to Vango makes the Vango Tigris 800 very stable in cross and strong winds. The drop down groundsheet makes for easy access for invalids and wheelchairs. The crystal clear windows have "curtains" for privacy, the new lights out inner in the bedrooms means that the darker material keeps out light so that you are not woken at the crack of dawn.

1 Vango Poweflex fibre glass poles which are strong, flexible and reliable. 
2.TSB II - Tunnel Band System. Vango unique patented TBS 11 system creates a "triangle" through the tunnel structure giving unrivalled stability for tunnel style tents when the wind blows. Simply packs away when not required!
3.Colour Coded Poles.Easier quicker pitching by matching colour coded poes to correspongding pole sleeve tab.
4. King Poles included. Pole out your twin zip door to extend your space and create a sheltered sitting area and to enjoy the view.
5. 4000 MM Hydrostatic head of waterproofing (up for 3000 last year).
6. New embossed flysheet which give a uniquely textured fabric and highlights the quality look and feel of the Vango Flysheet fabric. Looks fantastic on both the inside and the outside of the tent.
7. Flysheet first pitching, the outside goes up first quickly and easily so that you can keep the inner dry if it is pouring down.
8.Vango Easy- Pitch Tunnel:Simplified pitching. Once the poles are in place, the tent can be lifted upright and "walked" into shape!
9.Orange Guylines, Easy to see in most light conditions
10. Pre-attached guy lines with guy tidies. Guys are atttached to tent at optimum position for stability and tension. Guy tidies make for neater pack away and simpler to re-pitch.
11.Sewn in groundsheet. Fully enclosed to protect the inside of the tent from unwanted draughts and bugs. Polyethylene 101,000 is a robust, waterproof hard-wearing fabric, ideal for standing up to the wear and tear of active campers, and the great outdoors.
12. Breathable inner tent. Breathable fabric reduces the amount of condensation allowing it to evaporate and not forming on the inside of the tent to drip onto the sleepers.
13. Vango lights out inner tent. Have you ever tried to get a child to bed when it is still light outside, or been woken by the lgiht streaming in. Well Vango's new lights out inner tents make the bedroom a more comfortable place, the darker fabric reduces the amount of early morning light inside the sleeping compartment and tent bedroom.
14. Vango Pelmet. Authentic addition to conceal inner attachments.
15. Easy find inner clips. Orange coloured clips allows easier inner tent attachments.
16. Part inner mesh door. This increases the ventilation in the sleeping area keeping the bugs out.
17. Polyester inner groundsheet. This quality fabric is lightweight adn low bulk and perfect for a comfortable nights sleep. A great quality bathtub style base for the inner tent.
18. Detachable inner divider which allows the inner tent to be split into two compartments,By means of the removable hanging curtain divider.. Great for families with girls of a certain age who want some privacy.
19. Flexible inners increase the vesatility of the tent giving you the options for more sleeping space or more living space.
20.Mesh doors. Allows fabric door to be left open and still have insect free ventilation.
21. Mesh ventilation. All Vango vents are fine mesh, which allows air to flow freely while keeping midges and other small insects out the tent.
22.  Crystal Clear Windows to allow maximum light into the living area.
23. Internal Covers: The Vango Crystal clear windows have toggled window covers, and zipped "no-gap" curtains, which ensure a good view, or privacy from other campers and tent dwellers when you need it.
24. Canopy over side door. Ideal entry to use to keep the inside of the tent dry when it is raining.
25. Fire Retardant Fabrics: A must for all tents particularly family tents, so that you can relax in the knowing that you tent cannot be set alight The Flysheet, groundsheet, and inner tent fabric will not continue to burn once the source of the flame or heat is taken away. Fully conforms to EU Standard CPA1-84. 
26. Plenty of the usual and more storage solutions and tent tidies, lantern loops to hang camping lanterns, and cable tidies and zipped cable entry points.
Flysheet: Protex® 4000 polyester embossed
Inner: Breathable 190T polyester
Groundsheets: Polyethylene 10,000 / Inner: Polyester
Windows: 'Crystal Clear' PVC
Poles: PowerFlex® fibreglass + TBS® II
Pitching: Flysheet-first
4000 HH
Sewn-in groundsheet
King Poles included
Easy-pitch tunnel for simplified pitching
Vango pelmet
Vango 'lights out' inner tent
Breathable fabric inner tent
Easy find orange inner clips
Part mesh inner door
Mesh doors
Flexible inner tents
Roll-back inner divider
Windows have internal curtains
Canopy over side door
Storage solutions
Zipped cable entry point
Fire retardant fabric


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