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I ran to see photos of these replicas of Rolex watches Breitling Replica Watches, according to our reader were so similar to the real watches can not be distinguished from those! I must tell you that just by eye, I could not help but give reason Mr. Corrado: These replicas Replica orologi of the Rolex look really i-den-you-that the real Rolex rolex replica!! At this point, even without being the prince of the forum, already I felt it stinks! But the surprises were not over, because on the site are written of things really. Crazy! Here are some `faq`, namely the frequently asked questions that site visitors are more frequently sellers, and their answers: Question: The brands Rolex, are all inscribed, as in the real Rolex, Rolex Replicarolex replica watches to you? Answer: Yes they are all engraved and above all the right places. Q: How do I know, being so identical a real Rolex from your Rolex Replica? A: At a rough features, you can not recognize a replica from a real original, but a real Rolex must always have a certificate with serial number. Then an advice to those who plan to buy a real Rolex is to go to Rolex dealer. Q: Why should I buy a replica? A: There is a reason, but what the real Rolex is very expensive and not accessible to all, unfortunately, otherwise if it were, the replica would not even built. A curiosity is that often those who are owner of real Rolex rolex replica watches, buys a replica, because I wear some people never known anyone would doubt that it is a Rolex replica. Q: It is illegal to buy or sell a Rolex Replica? A: It is not illegal if the seller says it is a Rolex replica, complete with a certificate of production allocated to the Rolex replica luxury replica watches. How to comment on some statements? But of course, asking a good legal advice to a law expert, l`avvocato Gianluca of Ascenzo, vice president of Codacons. My contact told me that The activity of these gentlemen does not seem legitimate: in the sale of replicas of the original watches orologi replica in fact come into play rules, civil and criminal, on counterfeiting, trademark,replica watches uk unfair competition and consumer rights. Not only! Because even those who buy a counterfeit object of this type can put his neck: as I explained l`avvocato of Ascenzo, `` those who buy these objects can be involved in the crimes of forgery and receiving stolen goods, and may also incur penalties of thousands of euro ``. HAVE YOU UNDERSTAND! These gentlemen of Hollywoodreams, or Rolex replica swiss replica watches if you prefer, have set up a nice zanzata, but nancy !! Not only that, but also those who buy these fake Rolexes might get into trouble with the law !! And if that's not enough, I will tell you more: continuing nell`indagine I discovered that many people who have let themselves be blinded by these false Rolex, they have ordered and paid for in advance, and then. They have not received anything !! Or, even, they have received home of the packages that seemed to hold the watch but which actually contained the salt! Or maybe the smears of watches orologi replica worth a few euro. In short, those who buy these fake remains cheated twice: one because it commits un`azione illegal and risk heavy penalties Luxury Replica Watches for Men; two because it pays and receives nothing.