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Vango Tents

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Steeped in tradition and paving the way to the future, Vango has been a leading producer of tents and outdoor equipment for almost 50 years. They are producers of high quality tents designed to be not only lightweight but resilient in the face of the elements. Vango is based locally in the U.K., in Scotland, so they know a thing or two about adverse weather conditions.

Cutting Edge Technology

Vango is set to revolutionize the way people go camping with their innovative new technologies. Vango’s new line of tents use patented Airbeam® technology to make their tents not only unprecedentedly light, but simple to set up as well. Vango also produces traditional style tents with a myriad of technologies utilised to make your adventures more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Airbeam® - Simple to Set Up and Pack Away – Instead of messing about assembling support beams that can get tangled or break, Airbeam® tents use inflatable supports which can be easily set up by one person. Airbeam® tents forgo traditional solid support poles, making the tent substantially lighter. This saves you the weight on your solo trip or just saves room in the car for the family get away. Regardless of the reduced weight, Airbeam® tents still hold to the rigorous standards of quality the outdoors community has come to expect from Vango.

  • Keeping the Weather Out – From the exclusive Protex 70 Denier Polyester fabric to the Venturi Vent System, Vango tents are chock full of features to keep you dry and comfortable. They also use technologies such as the Vango Powerlite 7001-T6 alloy poles to make sure your tent is both lightweight and sturdy.

  • For the Veteran and the Casual Camper – Vango’s tents offer features that allow for expert control for experienced adventurers such as their TBS® II Tension band system, which gives extra structural integrity when needed in high winds. They also include intuitive design functions to help the novice get the most out of their outdoors experience. Their colour coded pole system enables quick and straightforward setup and their compression stuffsac lets you break camp and pack with ease.

Vango Tents: Trusted Around the World

Vango has been a trusted name in the outdoors community since 1966. Trusted by outdoors enthusiasts worldwide, Vango has also received praise for their products from prestigious camping and adventuring organizations.

  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – A charity programme for young adults, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award focuses on the outdoors. Vango is proud to be the manufacturer for the official recommended kits for the DoE.

  • The Scouts Association - Vango works closely with the Scouts to make recommended equipment for all of their adventures.

With their time honoured tradition of quality and their commitment to innovative new technologies, Vango offers some of the best tents on the market. Adventurers worldwide trust Vango to provide them with a tent that’s quick to setup and resilient in the face of Mother Nature. You too can own a quality engineered tent from Vango that is ready for any outdoor adventure!


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